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Anambra Tech Fest is an annual Tech Expo and Hackathon for tech lovers, developers and investors in Anambra State. The tag "Anambra Tech Fest" is a short derivative way of writing "Anambra Technology Festival". This event will feature exhibitions, expositions, networking and a hackathon. ATF 22 is the madien edition of this event. ATF will be a hotspot for tech innovators and investors, a place where we celebrate and encourage Technology Made in Anambra.


Our vision is to create a strong tech ecosystem that will encourage tech innovation amongst young people within the state and to bring Anambra Tech Enthusiasts, Developers, Creators and Startups to light.


Our mission is to create a platform that will bring young tech lovers to meet with right opportunities. brings together entrepreneurs, disruptors, innovators, investors, venture capitalists, tech enthusiasts with a view to exploring opportunities and navigating challenges within the tech ecosystem. The event annually creates a platform for stakeholders in the tech industry to learn, transfer knowledge and network.


3 Key Highlights of ATF '22


Young tech developers will collaborate intensively with one another over a relatively short period of time to develop a tech-solution that will help the Government of Anambra State build a digitally transformed state. It could be in the area of Fin-tech, Edu-tech, Agri-tech, Insurance, Digital Identity, Government & policy, Social Media, E-commerce, Digitalization & Connectivity, Defi, Web3, Metaverse, e.t.c.


There will be sessions of “TED Talks” and a panel discussion all designed to convey information and educate people on tech, its possibilities and innovations. It will feature 4 young tech-entrepreneurs and inspiring technovators sharing on the possibilities of tech and a keynote speaker who will educate participants on how tech will be a great tool for socio-economic development.


A number of tech developers have already created incredible projects, the exhibition will give them a platform to showcase their creations. This is key part of the event for unveiling skills and startups.

Awka, Anambra

10:00 AM – 05:00PM